X-ray Film Recycling


Recycle your x-rays into cash today with DocuVault, a leading X-Ray Film Recycling provider picking up NATIONWIDE!

In today’s tight economy many people are turning to x-ray film recycling as a way to earn some extra money. For years, many consumers have recycled glass, aluminum and plastic for money, but with the price of precious metals reaching all time highs, it has become extremely profitable to recycle your old x-ray film as well.

Most medical and dental offices are required by law to keep x-ray film for a certain period of time, but chances are, it’s been a while since you checked your storage areas to see if there is film you can dispose of.

X-ray recycling is a fast, easy way to earn additional money, remain HIPAA compliant and stay environmentally friendly.  Here are just a few reasons you should consider x-ray film recycling today:

  • When you recycle x-ray film, you clear out valuable storage and office space
  • X-ray recycling costs you nothing and one of our certified x ray recycling companies will come to your office to pick up your x-ray film at a time that’s convenient for you
  • Our x-ray film disposal and silver reclamation companies will give you the best price for your x-ray film
  • Proper disposal of x-rays can earn you significant cash from recyclers due to the silver recovery from x-ray film process
  • X ray film recycling is an environmentally friendly process that recycles precious natural resources
  • When you contract with one of our x-ray disposal companies, you can have confidence that your x-rays are recycled in accordance with all applicable HIPAA regulations

Above and beyond Medical X-Ray Film, We also recycle:

  • NDT and Industrial X-Ray Film, Green or Virgin Film, Photographic Film, Lithographic Film or “Litho Film.”
  • We also offer silver recovery of any product containing containing silver through recycling and refining process.

Don’t waste anymore time.  Fill out the form to the right and you will receive a price for your x-ray recycling right away.  Clear our your old and unneeded x-rays and make money today!

X-Ray Film Recycling Silver Reclamation