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If your clinic, hospital, dentist office or medical facility has piles of x ray film to get rid of, please don’t set it out for the garbage collector. Contact us and let us help you recycle your x ray film. X ray film has many components, most of which can be recycled to earn you some extra cash while safely disposing of the confidential information.

We take care of your x ray recycling needs by removing the silver, plastic and other materials from the film. Once the required storage period is over, usually five to seven years, you can send your old x rays to us rather than keeping them in storage, which takes up precious office space or expensive archival fees. We pay you top dollar for the silver that is removed from your x ray film. We can even recycle the paper envelopes in which the x rays are stored, making x ray recycling the best way to dispose of these old records.

As a HIPPA certified recycling center, we take great care in making sure that your patients’ confidentiality is not compromised during the recycling process. As every part of the x ray is destroyed, there’s no remaining paper trail that could get in the wrong hands. Our high-tech recycling process is eco-friendly, so you’re also reducing your businesses carbon footprint by choosing x ray recycling.

To get paid top dollar for the silver content of your old x rays, contact us today to get a quote and schedule a pick up.

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